LOUNJ was founded by in 2018 by Nat Holfeltz, a 15-year bedding veteran who’s aiming to change the memory foam industry by making safer & better quality memory foam products that are made in the USA.


The U.S. foam industry market right now is dominated by cheap imported foams with poor regulations, inconsistent quality, and potentially unsafe chemicals for your family.


We've spent everyday since inception, researching better ways to make memory foam, from equipment, chemical composition, and even hired scientists to help help speed up the process.


With our new technology, techniques, and non-toxic chemicals , LOUNJ can now offer amazing memory foam products that are safe, consistent in quality, and at a price everyone can afford!

Memory Foam Factory

Made in the USA

Every foam product is proudly made in our Phoenix, AZ warehouse. American-made means better quality and consistent pours for foam that lasts longer and performs better.

Memory Foam Technology & Equipment

New Technology Approach

Equipped with the newest foam technology, we are able to make quality foam efficiently, with incredible consistency and quality. The result? Better foam, better prices. 

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Stack

Foam You Can Trust

Our primary goal was to create quality foam you can feel good about. Along with our strict safety guidelines, you can rest easy knowing we care about our safe materials and quality product. 

What our customers are saying...

This was a great buy! I was thinking of buying a new bed due to arthritis, hip and shoulder discomfort while sleeping, but hesitant to put out so much money when there was no guarantee that the new bed would solve our sleeping problems. My daughter had bought several mattress toppers and suggested that as an alternative. I researched them online and read many reviews. I chose this one since it was made in USA!

Gillian Tevlin

I bought the 2" pad to give it a test and see how I like it. It feels a little weird and mushy at first, (coming from someone who has slept on a very firm traditional futon for 20+ years) but once I laid down on it it really felt great. Less pressure on my shoulder when I'm on my side, and more conforming when I'm on my stomach. After the first night I noticed I was actually less achy when I woke up. Now, after a week or so, I've noticed I'm sleeping a little deeper and getting closer to the 8 hours I need.
Good work Lounj. Thank you for making this topper, and for making it at such a reasonable price right here in the USA.


Bought this to try out to refresh my bed, I went with the 3 inch thick topper. I haven't sleep this good in years, haven't been waking up every morning with stiffness in my back. Definitely suggest everyone to try one, by far better than spending hundreds too a thousand for a new bed. Recieved it like 3 or 4 days after ordering, they definitely put the pride into making a quality product.

Marty B Burr